Beginning Band: Recruiting Virtually Successfully!

Can we successfully recruit virtually? The answer is absolutely! There are tools available to help streamline the recruitment process into a single virtual platform. With a click of a mouse directors can: 

  1. Send invitations to join the band program
  2. Virtually introduce themselves, the band staff, and their campus 
  3. Conduct an instrument petting zoo virtually 
  4. Collect student preferences and data
  5. Upload student icebreakers and surveys 
  6. Initiate and confirm parent permission 
  7. Establish lines of communication with parents 
  8. Upload information on retrieving an instrument 

Social Distancing & Instrument Testing Alternatives

When recruitment season came around, I remember assembling mouthpiece kits for instrument testing in the spring and early fall. This year, with COVID-19 looming around, chances are, we may not have the option to administer a traditional test. By that, I mean, a mouth to mouthpiece assessment. 

It has been my experience that students, and their personalities tend to be tied to the instrument they play. This year I thought to use their personalities to lead me in the right direction. Think of the instrumentation that more dominant students tend to play, versus more passive students. Which instrumentation is better suited for overachievers, problem solvers, or students who enjoy working alone? 

I created a personality survey that would help me sort my incoming beginners into personality categories. It was a real plus to connect and break the ice with my recruits all while going virtual. Once students were placed into their categories, I knew that I could rely on their physical attributes to asses the rest. With so many virtual platforms, we can see our kids face to face and make an accurate assessment without even using equipment!

Data Talks! 

Music programs that remain relevant survive. Imagine being able to submit a sizable list of affirmative parent permission slips for band to an administrator over the summer! This could be a smart way to advocate the continuation of your program. You have data indicating that parents demand this program be offered to their child. 

Click here for more information on how to go virtual with your recruitment!

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