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Key Signature Helper Charts

Newly updated for Distance Learning! Introducing a fresh approach to teaching key signatures for the first time! It’s color coded design removes the guesswork allowing students to make a connection between the order of sharps and flats, the musical alphabet, and key signature simultaneously! Charts are written in all keys for both bass and treble clef. Use as a wall poster, flash cards, or on your smart board electronically. For best use, print in color. 

Each sharp and flat are numbered in order in its position on the staff. To further assist students with mastery, each chart is color coded breaking down the sharps and flats into (2) groups.

  1. B-E-A-D
  2. (G)reatest – (C)ommon – (F)actor. 

            Check out the Order of Sharps and Flats Poster for additional resources.

Order of Sharps & Flats Poster

This visual aid is a great first step before teaching key signatures. Students will see how each sharp and flat are arranged in the staff using both numbers and colors. Sharps and flats are broken down into (2) groups. 

  1. B-E-A-D
  2. (G)reatest – (C)ommon – (F)actor. 

Check out Key Signature Helper Charts for additional resources.

Key Signature Bell Ringers!

Newly updated for distance learning! Are you looking to introduce key signature for the very first time? Whether you’re looking to introduce key signature or review, this resource is clear, concise, and visually easy to understand. There are 5 bell ringers written in treble and bass clef. Check out the Key Signature Helper Charts as well as the Order of Sharps and Flats (color coded) posters as an additional resource.

Review Worksheets: Key Signature, Accidentals, Enharmonic!

Newly updated for distance learning! Here is a great resource to monitor your students’ understanding of: key signature, accidentals, and the enharmonic. These worksheets emphasize how all three concepts work together. Worksheets are organized into (3) levels written in both treble and bass clef. The answer key is included.

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